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How to Keep Moderate Comments on YouTube

When you publish something or upload your video on YouTube, you want to make it popular and what you want to get from your audience are moderate comments, shares, likes, etc. However, every coin has two sides. For some YouTube users, it is a tough issue to have spamming comments, because it seems to be a little risky to piggyback your uploaded video by adding links to somewhere. Some links may be related to relevant areas, while other links result in horrible sites or junk contents.


To fix the issue of spamming comments and potential risk, it is wise to choose YouTube Updates Tools. It will help you to keep moderate comments on YouTube.


Of course, you can solve the issue by deleting unsatisfying comments, but it somehow  seems to be a difficult task for spamming comments. The good news is that YouTube publishers can check the comments and links before they are published completely on the site.


According to YouTube, it has received too many complaints about spamming comments with links. Therefore, YouTube make it easier for users to block comments linked to something else. If you want to activate this function, enable the setting and you can check the comments with links in your Held for Review queue. That is to say, you can check and filter the comments before it is being published on your site.


The processes to enable the new setting are easy. Just open your Creator Studio, select Community and then Community settings in the left, and finally go to Links and click the box to hold new comments with links. By this way you could hold comments with links before being published.


Below are some choices for you to set up comment filters.

  1. Hold comments linked to something else.
  2. Choose a range of users and approve their comments automatically.
  3. Block risky users and prevent them from commenting.
  4. Add or revise words or sentences to the blocked one.


For those who value the comments on their videos, it seems to be extra work to survey and delete every comment. Besides, the spammers could always find a way to go back to your site. Therefore, we wish to have platforms trying their best to create a solution to block spammers successfully. It is really an excellent initiative form YouTube. We are expecting for actual results.